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Chandra Nandini is another masterpiece from Ekta Kapoor after Jodha Akbar

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The kingdoms of Magadh and Maurya are on pleasant terms until eventually treachery breaks them aside. The Magadh king Shishunath invites the Maurya king Suryagupt and his pregnant wife Moora (Papia Sengupta) around for your Vasant festival. It really is then disclosed that Maharani Avantika (Mansi Sharma) is owning an affair with the frequent man Nand (Arpit Ranka). Suryagupt will get to learn relating to this but Nand kills Shishunath where Suryagupt and his spouse are framed for that murder. Suryagupt and Moora escape, but are caught. Suryagupt hides his spouse but is killed. Moora provides a son and names him Chandragupt, but not before making a promise that Chandragupt will return and avenge his father’s Demise from Nand. Nand then usurps the throne and can make Moora a prisoner with the intention of making her his queen, but not in advance of Moora securely hides her son Chandra from Nand’s goons.

A leap of fourteen decades is proven, exactly where Nand, now Maharaja Padmanand, has taken about Magadha. He has burdened his topics to taxes and atrocities which have no conclusion. But he has one particular weak point And that i.e. his daughter Nandini. Nandini will be the one thing that Nand loves much more than any individual else. A younger Chandra, is taken in by a barren couple and where his mother enjoys him, his father despises him and expects him to get paid to ensure he can have his daily dose of Madira.

Meanwhile, Chandra comes throughout Amatya Rakshas, whorecognizinghis bravery, offers him a ‘swarnamudra’ that might enable him attain entry into Pataliputra. Chandra receives beaten up continuously by his father, just to save lots of his mother. On questioning, his mom reveals that she are unable to leave his father since she loves him. A younger Chandra, looking at all this, decides to in no way tumble in enjoy. He guarantees his mom that he would get paid a lot of prosperity that he would toss it on his father’s facial area and choose her away.

Chandra reaches Pataliputra, the place he witnesses the common person being subjected to atrocities. He also arrives across Moora, who’s getting publicly overwhelmed up. Unable to bear it any more, Chandra will save her. He will come head to head with Padmanand and issues him about the happenings of his kingdom. An arrogant Padmanand dismisses Chandra. Chanakya, who gets word of Alexander soon planning to invade and get around India, seeks an audience with the king, but is insulted by Padmanand in return. That may be when Chanakya, foresees Padmanand’s downfall.

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