Huma Qureshi talked about Me too campaign, said it is not going to happen in the Bollywood film Industry

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Huma Qureshi who has been known for her film Gangs of Wasseypur featured along Nawazuddin Siddiqui, directed by Anurag Kashyap has talked about the Me too campaign trending in film Industry. Huma Qureshi said that like Hollywood, the Me too campaign is not going to happen in the Bollywood film Industry, unless the senior female actors take their stand to speak up. Actor Huma Qureshi has talked about the Me Too Campaign on the bold side sharing the fact that how it is not going to work in Bollywood similar how it worked in Hollywood. It can only work if top senior and respectable actors start the conversation. She said that it is not going to happen in Bollywood. She mentioned that the reason it has a huge impact on the Hollywood and worked well was due to the senior female actors there who took stand and talked about it. The constantly firing of the initiatives took by those respected female actors made the campaign ignited and maintained he momentum.

However, she hopes as well as prays that the same would work for India but still she feel that people shouldn’t wait for this campaign to be happened in just the film Industry but also in the real lives of common people. People should let it come in their life so effect could be larger. She also said that it is kind of two way thing where at first, people should look at the fact that how women are represented in films. How people look at them and surely then, there will be necessary to build or represent stronger and better role model for young girls to follow who can empower them not actually degrade them. She referred it as a 360-degree effort which basically starts from the home. She said that girls in the society should be equal to the boys. She shared that in case any women comes out to anyone about a sexual assault or something like that, people should not make them guilty of it or blame them or start pointing out flaws in their own character.

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