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Kangana explosively claimed:I was not cheating, Hrithik was

Recently, Kangana Ranaut after Hrithik’s apology in Aap Ki Adaalat spilled some beans on their old dual fight as saying some huge accusations such as infiltrating her privacy by Hrithik Roshan, not confronting her to settle down and whole lot of faults that are done by his and only his side. She also proved that such apology won’t work but she demanded to come forward for a public apology for Roshans. Again, a new chapter has been started into the war between the two stars of Bollywood.  Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne are separated like officially and divorced as well. It has been alleged that due to closeness of Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik RoshanSussanne decided to walk out from the marriage. The rumours were though put into cold bed until Kangana received legal notice as she referred him as ‘silly ex’ by Hrithik Roshan in an interview.

Later Kangana claimed that they had affair while shoots of Krrish 3 and as far as sources say it is also said that Hrithik even proposed Kangana for marriage in Paris. Just after then, they got themselves into legal fight which is still drawing a long where none of them seem to end. Hrithik has been quite along and hasn‘t much discussed on the topic publicly where Kangana shared her piece in plenty of news shows. She recently said “It was the desperation of a man to cover up this whole thing”. She added, “I have paid for his mistake. I was not cheating, he was. To cover up one affair, you make so many mistakes”  Kangana kept on revealing various angles on the case just she did lastly about how Hrithik asked her to apologies for revealing the affair to public as well as calling him ‘silly-ex’. She added “I have put everything at stake for this legal battle. He asked me thrice to apologize, if not publicly, privately”.

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