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Karun Johar opened up about his love affairs: It happens all the time. People fall in love. It’s the industry of love

Karan Johar is one of the famous celebrities who is famous for its quick wit and sense of humor. However, his movies are mostly based in love and romance. Talking with a leading daily, Karan Johar opened up about his love affairs on set. Karan Johar had been asked if he ever fall in love on set. On which he said “Yeah all the time. It has happened more than five times, I can assure you. It happens all the time. People fall in love. It’s the industry of love.”Commenting about actors falling in love during the shoot is not an issue, he said “No not at all. I love it. I believe you can never stop anyone’s personal life. We are here to make movies. What people do in their personal capacity is entirely their thing.”

He added “In fact, if they fall in love, it’s great. If it’s legit and lovely, it’s fine. Even if it’s not, it’s their problem.”
Also, he said falling actors in love during shooting doesn’t affect the film at all, Karan said “No, it only enhances it. Are you asking me (that is there a policy that two people can’t fall in love) because offices have rules that not to fall in love? No, it doesn’t matter in the movies. It’s cold ‘yaar’ at times when you shoot outdoors. So, you never know what comes out of that.”

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