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Katrina Kaif is highly impressed with Aamir Khan on the sets of Thugs Of Hindostan Find out why

Katrina Kaif is working with Aamir Khan for the second time with Thugs Of Hindostan. They had worked together in Dhoom 3 as well. But there is something that has left the actress in awe of the actor on the sets of their second film. A source told us that Katrina is really amazed with the way Aamir gains and loses weight for his films. She is often seen talking to the actor about his diets. We can totally understand why Katrina is so stunned at Aamir’s transformations. We were too. The actor’s transformation for Dangal was so stark that we couldn’t help but wonder how did he achieve all that.Our source also informed that Aamir is on an organic food diet. He always carries dabbas to the shoot and has a perfect schedule to eat what and when.

It is very important to take care of themselves when someone puts their bodies through so much stress. We won’t say it’s inspirational but it definitely is awe-inspiring, we have to admit. During an interaction, Aamir had revealed, “I was burning 4500 calories a day in USA through biking, trekking, swimming and a lot of other activities. I ate less and worked out more. The maths was that I ate 1500 calories and burned about 4500. The deficit was more so weight was decreasing fast, but it was unhealthy as the deficit should not be more then 25 percent. I had a balanced diet, carbs, fats, proteins and fibres. I had to break my vegan diet as my doctor had advised me to eat fish ’cause he told that I need a protein rich diet for this weight loss. However, I’ll come back to vegan diet soon.” This was done to lose the extra weight he had gained to play the old Mahavir Phogat in the film. He shed all that in just 3 weeks!

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