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Kumkum Bhagya: Why are Pragya and Tanu Hell bent on marrying Abhi?

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It has been some time now given that Tanu and Pragya began battling it out to win Abhi’s coronary heart. Both equally of them have already been fighting head on in order to get married to Abhi. (Considering the fact that Practically for good now) Enable’s take a look at what explanations do these girls have!

Pragya enjoys Abhi. Her like is pure and she or he has no hidden intentions. She just hopes to be with Abhi and desires to possess a joyful lifetime with him. What we are unsuccessful to realize here is usually that Pragya may basically be an obsessive lover! All this although, she has long been using all of Tanu and Aliya’s evil deed infested knives on her back again! But have we questioned why? Isn’t it all just a bit way too filmy?

And that’s not it!

Talking about Tanu, she is certain even crazier. Tanu is assisted by Aliya, who is Abhi’s sister. This can be a sister who attempted to get rid of her personal brother at a degree of time! Tanu also really wants to marry Abhi and together with Aliya, she has conspired towards Pragya in order to get her clear of Abhi! (Why would Tanu want to select a woman who enjoys her brother’s funds in excess of a girl who loves the brother himself? God appreciates!) They’ve got framed her for theft, they have framed her for home theft, demeaned her at various occasions, employed a Sharp-Shooter to destroy her, and perhaps tried to kill her by using a bomb! Like how considerably would you go to get rid of a lady that’s hitting on your dude? Aliya is a wierd Lady that has weird needs for her brother and Tanu is another obsessive Woman who’ll do absolutely anything to receive together with Abhi!

Effectively, all of this it is actually just a little of both weird and amusing!

So, Pricey Abhi, On behalf of all Adult men, I would want to question you a matter. Exactly what is it you have along with other Gentlemen don’t? Do there is a place brimming with gold? Tremendous powers? Infinite provide of foodstuff? Or do you’ve got a one thing additional? We hope our inquiries are answered quickly!

Until then, let us enjoy to what extents can the two females Select Abhi!

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