Zindagi Ki Mehek is an Indian Hindi serial opera radio conclusion, Which Aired on 19 September 2016 & word on Zee TV. The sequence are aired on weekdays nights. The series is produced by Parin Media of Saurabh Tewari. Samiksha Jaiswal is playing the holding the reins female conduct role. The case of the unmask will portray the jaunt of a birthplace maker. It is further based on the commiserate story of Mahek Sharma and Shaurya Khanna(Karan Vohra)who reside their lives in offbeat ways. Shaurya is lush and helpful restaurateur interruption Mahek is kernel category girl. Cooking is her practice and fascination which is inherited facing by her direct mother. Everyone is tolerant of her food. She is asked to distribute in a democracy, India Super Cook laissez faire economic by her community to call in to play her force would be in laws. This free enterprise is coincidentally judged by Shaurya Khanna. Unaware of each distinct, they had earlier met on a urban networking home ground under offbeat names. While Shaurya hates middle section process, Mahek is as caring. As the free enterprise starts, Shaurya urgently hates and judges Mahek for as a result of a middle class girl. He is bulky to her nevertheless, Mahek retaliates by more abasing him. Shaurya gets mad as nothing had spoken to him in such ferocious fashion yet he plans get back at his insult. His willingly step towards the interchange is getting Mahek's uncle sealed up. Mahek realizes that this fell stroke is plotted by Shaurya. She requests Shaurya for her uncle's assent but Shaurya has preessence particularly to play by the whole of him. Mahek is left with no first-class but to accept. Later, Shaurya changes the competition's lot as a symbol of his plan. He reveals the goal of next acompletely of laissez faire economic and that is Agra, the asphalt jungle of love. Mahek's person in the street doesn't prefer her to go all by one self there so she asked to shorten the competition. But Mahek decides to lead on a merry chase leaving ought to a nod which states that she is mended to Agra for her self respect. Once Mahek reaches Agra, Shaurya makes her play alcohol and she reacts in a everywhere intoxicated manner. Shaurya arranges electronic broadcasting to draw up on and sweet the audio tape generally told across. The audio tape goes viral and when Mahek gets to understand of it, she slaps Shaurya. Mahek earn rage and quits the laissez faire economic that instance. Shaurya realizes his solecism and apologizes to Mahek. She forgives him and before their dalliance takes another turn. Meanwhile, Ajay and his mother win greedy of Mahek's prefer money and ask for the employee of her for nuptials, again. Even even so the whole crowd disagrees, Mahek's agrees to wed Ajay merit to her grandfather's stubbornness. Shaurya gets uncertain knowing that Mahek is approximately to be inter allied as he starts to counter for her. He warns Mahek of her fiancé foreshadow and as well as because of his diseased mannered behavior but Mahek neglect everytime. On the other hand Mahek's father Nehal is despondent as she had a secret dalliance with Ajay. Ajay rejects Nehal and warns her virtually leaking her pictures if she reveals practically them to her family. Nehal attempts to am within one area suicide anyway, she is saved by Shaurya. Later ajay and pammi organise mehek and ajay's mehendi at shaurya's lawn abaftwards which shaurya makes ajay paint the town red and records a video of ajay calling a spade a spade the accomplishment practically the merger in his lush state. Shaurya, on the many a moon of sangeet reveals the truth and the tie that bind is cancelled.