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Varun Dhawan’s take on Judwaa 2: ‘I want people to have expectations from my films as I work to entertain’

After recent release of Varun Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 trailer, Varun seem all ready to entertain audience with his comic timing and charm as it is expected from the trailer. As stepping into Salman Khan’s shoes as featured in Judwaa’s sequel, Varun express his views on expectations and comparison of both films.Varun is playing double role as identical genetically twin characters  Raja and Prem which was originally essayed by Salman Khan in 1997 blockbuster comedy film Judwaa. Regarding the comparison between his and Salman Khan’s role in Judwaa Franchise, Varun said to a reputed news resource “Pressure and expectations will be there. I am happy there are expectations and if there was no expectation then that would have been a problem” He further adds his view on having so huge expectation from him and Judwaa 2 “I want people to have expectations from my films, thinking there will be some entertainment in my films.

I am here for the audience, I work for them. The day that passion goes away I won’t be hereVarun also idealize Salman Khan’s role in Judwaa 2 and said that it could be not possible without Salman Khan to carry out the sequel and the characters played by him as Prem and Raja will be always the original and best. He also added “I hope we have done a great job”. He also admitted that it was unstoppable to not dance on Judwaa ‘songs when the film arrived at his young age and said that he has always enjoyed Salman Khan on the screen Varun also told how his father and director of Judwaa and Judwaa 2 suggested him to watch Gulzaar’s Angoor to learn. He also watched other films for references like Sridevi’s Chaalbaaz. Interestingly, Salman Khan will not be part of promotional campaign of the film but he is playing a cameo in Judwaa 2.

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